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Resources and Videos for Flute Players

Cradle Song (Grade 1 Flute Piece)

Snow Walk by James Rae (ABRSM Grade 1 Flute Piece)

Beginner Flute Warm Up.JPG

Beginner Flute Warm-up

Grade 1 Flute Pieces

Do’in Polly’s Thing - Platinum Music Medal Playalong

Loch Lomond - Grade 2 Flute

More Amazing Arpeggios! (Flute, Grades 3-6)

Masterclass: Grade 2 Flute

Soldier, Soldier (Grade 2 Flute Piece)

Lazy Sunday - Grade 1 Flute Piece

Changing from C to D (Flute)

How To Make A Sound On The Flute

Flute and Clarinet Hygiene Advice

Flute Sound Production Troubleshooting (Part 1)

Flute Sound Production Troubleshooting (Part 2)

Twinkle Twinkle (Flute Quartet)

Question and Answer Rhythm Games

Flute Articulation Support (Part 1)

Little John (Copper Music Medal)

Jazz Waltz Blues (ABRSM Grade 2 Flute)

Waves and Caves

Silver Riddle (ABRSM Grade 2 Flute)

The Boom Town Cats (Silver Flute Music Medal Ensemble Piece)

Jess Gillam Scratch Orchestra - Flute

Troika (ABRSM Grade 2 Flute)

Flinstones (Flute Duet)

Can Can (Grade 2 Flute)

Flute Scales: Slurring

Vivace (Grade 2 Flute)

Flute Articulation: Slurring

Daisy Chain  - Copper Music Medals Ensemble 

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