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Resources and Videos for Flute Players

Cradle Song (Grade 1 Flute Piece)

Beginner Flute Warm Up.JPG

Beginner Flute Warm-up

Do’in Polly’s Thing - Platinum Music Medal Playalong

Loch Lomond - Grade 2 Flute

More Amazing Arpeggios! (Flute, Grades 3-6)

Changing from C to D (Flute)

How To Make A Sound On The Flute

Flute Sound Production Troubleshooting (Part 2)

Twinkle Twinkle (Flute Quartet)

Little John (Copper Music Medal)

Jazz Waltz Blues (ABRSM Grade 2 Flute)

The Boom Town Cats (Silver Flute Music Medal Ensemble Piece)

Jess Gillam Scratch Orchestra - Flute

Can Can (Grade 2 Flute)

Flute Scales: Slurring

Snow Walk by James Rae (ABRSM Grade 1 Flute Piece)

Grade 1 Flute Pieces

Masterclass: Grade 2 Flute

Soldier, Soldier (Grade 2 Flute Piece)

Lazy Sunday - Grade 1 Flute Piece

Flute and Clarinet Hygiene Advice

Flute Sound Production Troubleshooting (Part 1)

Question and Answer Rhythm Games

Flute Articulation Support (Part 1)

Waves and Caves

Silver Riddle (ABRSM Grade 2 Flute)

Troika (ABRSM Grade 2 Flute)

Flinstones (Flute Duet)

Vivace (Grade 2 Flute)

Flute Articulation: Slurring

Daisy Chain  - Copper Music Medals Ensemble 

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