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Part One: Sing 'Here Comes The Sun'

Everyone will sing 'Here Comes The Sun' by The Beatles to start the concert.


1. Download the lyrics or the score to the song by clicking the picture.

Lyric Sheet Screenshot.JPG
Here Comes The Sun KS2 Fest Model Track
00:00 / 02:55

2. Try practising singing at home with either the track or the video above (Mr. Mather is helping you with your singing on this track).

Here comes the Sun - Backing Track
00:00 / 02:55

3. When you are confident with the song, try with this backing track or backing video

Part Two: Class Performances

Part Three: Finale - A Fifth Of Beethoven

Each class will take turns to play for 5 minutes to show off the amazing things that they have learnt to play on their instrument.

Your music tutor will work with your class to decide what you are going to play. 

You will want to think about how to present your performance too, and you might decide that you would like members of your class to speak to the audience to introduce what you are playing.


Everyone will join together to play 'A Fifth Of Beethoven'. This is an upbeat arrangement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.


1.    Watch this video to learn what the piece of music is about.

2.    Watch this video to hear the orchestra play the music all the way through.

3.    Listen to the arrangement that we are going to play.

5.    Listen to this track and then try to play your part along on your instrument.

A Fifth Of Beethoven Backing Track
00:00 / 02:15