Part One: Learn To Sing 'Power In Me'

Power In Me Lyric Sheet.JPG

1. Download or print the lyrics to the song by clicking above.

2. Use this video to help you to learn the song and the dance moves for the chorus.

Power In Me - Performance Track
00:00 / 01:04

3. Once you are confident with the song, try singing it with this track.

Part Two: Learn To Play 'In The Hall Of The Mountain King' On Your Instrument

1.    Watch this video to learn what the piece of music is about.

2.    Watch this video to hear the orchestra play the music all the way through.

4.    Have a look below for a video to help you with playing your part - ​more videos will appear here soon if there isn't one for your instrument yet.

How To Play The Alto Trombone Part

How To Play The Flute Part

How To Play The Baritone/Euphonium Part

How To Play The Descant Recorder and Chalumeau Part

How To Play The Trumpet/Cornet Part

How To Play The Clarinet Part

How To Join in Using an iPad, iPhone or Bottle

How To Play The Violin Part

How To Play The Treble Recorder Part

How To Play The Drums/Percussion Part

How To Play The Cello Part

How To Play The Ukulele Part

How To Play The Guitar Part

How To Play The Body Percussion (Clapping) Part

5.    Listen to this track and then try to play your part along on your instrument.

In The Hall Of The Mountain King
00:00 / 01:04

Part Three: Performance!

If you weren't able to join us live on 26th June, don't worry, you can still take part!

You can watch  video of the performance below or you can use this link

Either you can just enjoy watching, or singing and playing along, or if you would like you can get a parent, carer or teacher to video you performing.


If you do this then you will need to wear headphones so we can only hear your part and not the backing tracks.


We will then put your singing/playing together into a big video with other young people performing.


Your parent/carer/teacher can email the video to or send it as a message to our facebook page (  by Friday 3rd July.

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