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Part One: Learn To Sing 'Something Inside So Strong'

1. Download the lyrics or the score to the song by clicking below.

Something Inside Screenshot.JPG
Something Inside Vocal Score Screenshot.
Something Inside So Strong Model Track.m
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2. Try practising singing at home with either the track or the video above (Mr. Mather is helping you with your singing on this track).

Something Inside So Strong (Instrumental
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3. When you are confident with the song, try with this backing track (this is the one we will sing along to on the performance day).

Part Two: Learn To Play 'Toccata In D Minor' On Your Instrument

1.    Watch this video to learn what the piece of music is about.

2.    Watch this video to hear the orchestra play the music all the way through.

4.    Have a look below for a video to help you with playing your part - ​more videos will appear here soon if there isn't one for your instrument yet.

How To Play The Alto Trombone and Tenor Horn Part

5.    Listen to this track and then try to play your part along on your instrument.

Toccata 2021 Backing
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Part Three: Performance!

You will sing 'Something Inside So Strong' and perform 'Toccata' together live in school with your class on Friday 2nd July at 1:30pm!

You will sing and play along with the YouTube video below with tutors from Barnsley Music Service helping you!

Someone from your school will video your class singing and playing and we will put it all together in a big video all of the schools that take part.

Your music tutor from Barnsley Music Service will also have taken a video of your class performing one of their favourite pieces of music and we will share these videos on our social media all the way through the week of the festival.

Schools can use this form to tell us that it's ok for their classes to be videoed and for us to publish the videos on our social media: