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Kodály Musicianship; Level 1 (Hand Signs)

The Kodály approach develops musicianship through singing  without the technical demands of an instrument.


This practical approach combined with a clear progression from the simple to the complex facilitates the development of excellent musicianship skills.

Kodály took handsigns developed by John Curwen and added upward/downward movement, allowing learners to actually see the height or depth of the pitch and integrated them into his teaching. The signs are made in front of the body, with do falling about at waist level and la at eye level. Their distance in space corresponds with the size of the interval they represent.

1. So and Mi

2. Lah

3. Re

4. Do

5. Five Notes Together (The Pentatonic Scale)

6. Moveable Do

7. So and Mi Sounding Together

8. So, La and Mi Together

9. 4 Notes Together

10. Singing In and Out of Tune

11. Octaves; Do and Do

12. Fifths; Do and So

13. Fifths 2; Finding Ti

14. Using Ti

15. Finding Fa

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