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Resources and Videos for Brass Players

Little Fugue in Quarantine

Perhaps Love

We’ll Meet Again

Nessun Dorma

Hey Jude

Slurring Between Notes

Fixing A Valve

How To Make an Elephant Sound

Star Trek - Special Edition

Sight Reading Challenge (Part 1)

You Raise Me Up - Tribute to NHS Challenge

The National Anthem - God Save The Queen

The Last Post

Circular Breathing (Part 1)

Grade 1 Sightreading

Grade 1 Sightreading


Olympic Fanfare

A Short Recap Lesson for Beginners

Gabriel's Oboe

In Summer (from Frozen)

Hey Jude

Grade 3 Sightreading

Cheezy Feet (Brass Playalong)

Blackbird (The Beatles)

Chiefs (Tutorial & Play Along)

Soul Limbo (Cricket Music...)

Holding the French Horn

Lightly Row; French Horn Tutorial

Rhumba for Two (Bronze Music Medal Ensemble Piece)

Warming Up

Jiggedy Jig (Grade 4 Piece)

Puppet's Dance Tutorial

Finger Flexibility Exercises

Strollin' (Grade 1 Brass Piece)


Octave Leap Challenge


Learn to play ‘How’s Tricks’ Grade 3 ABRSM

The Mii Channel Theme (Wii console)

Romanza Play-through (Grade 1 Brass Piece)

Flight Of The Bumblebee (Euphonium Duet)

Beauty and the Beast Play-along (B flat Brass Instruments)

Teddy Bears Picnic

The Winds Of Change (Music Medal Ensemble Piece)

front cover brass play alongs.jpg

Play-along Videos for Brass Players

Trombone Legato Challenge (Part 1)

The Avengers (5 Part Trumpet)

The Old Canon (Bronze Music Medal Ensemble Piece)

Caber Dance - Grade 5 Piece


Double Tonguing

Kum Bah Yah (Bronze Music Medal)

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

12 Bar Blues Tutorial Video

Shotgun Tutorial Video

Happy Birthday To You!

Practising Scales

When She Loved Me (from Toy Story 2)

Brass Tonguing Exercises (Advanced)

Starting Notes Using Your Tongue

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Happy Birthday

Old Town Road (Tutorial)

Brass Players Horse Challenge!

Moonlight Serenade

She’s Always A Woman (Billy Joel)

Cowboys ‘r’ Coming

True Faith - New Order

Soul Limbo (Cricket Music...)

Over There (Go Compare...)

I Vow To Thee My Country

Love Me Tender (Aura Lee)

Gabriel’s Oboe

Sight Reading Challenge (Part 2)

Using Plunger Mute - Tutorial Video

Circular Breathing (Part 3)

Circular Breathing (Part 2)

Grade 2 Sightreading

La Cucaracha

Flutter Tutorial Challenge

Concierto de Aranjuez (Orange Juice)

Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba

Nearer My God To Thee (from Titanic)

Die Another Day (James Bond Theme)

The Lost Chord

Grade 4 Sightreading

Viva La Vida (Coldplay)

Pencil Full Of Lead

Dance Monkey

Slurring Between Notes

Hot Cross Buns; French Horn Tutorial

Lean On Me - French Horn Music Medal Ensemble Piece

Double Tonguing


Star Wars Main Theme

Cantina Band - Episode IV

Land Of Hope and Glory

High Note Tutorial

Pastime With Good Company

Shark Attack

Lip Slur Challenge

Lean On Me - Bronze Music Medals Ensemble Piece

Jam Bouree (ABRSM Grade 5)

Hold Back The River (James Bay)

In support and thanks to all BMBC frontline workers #BarnsleySpirit

Trombone Legato Challenge (Part 3)

Mad World

Trombone Legato Challenge Part 2

You Raise Me Up (NHS Tribute)

Twinkle Twinkle (Playalong)

Blue Haze (Copper Music Medal Ensemble Piece)

When The Saints Go Marching In (Music Medals Ensemble Piece)

The Flennon Study; Demonstration

Triple Tonguing

Lovely Day (Bill Withers)


Kum Bah Yah (Bronze Music Medal)

Theme From Rocky

12 bar blues.JPG

12 Bar Blues Notation

Last Of The Summer Wine

500 Miles

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I Can Go The Distance (from Hercules)

Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)

Everything Is Awesome!

Everything Is Awesome!

Don't Stand So Close To Me

Copy Cat (Barnsley Junior Band Piece)

Advice on starting a practice session

Mouthpiece hygiene advice

Brass Instrument Mouthpiece Buzzing

Show Me The Way To Amarillo (Brass Quartet)

Basic Improvisation Tutorial Using the C Blues Scale

 Amarillo: Part 2 (Brass Quartet)

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