Resources and Videos for Woodwind Players

More Amazing Arpeggios! (Flute, Grades 3-6)

Tonguing on the Recorder

More Amazing Arpeggios! (Clarinet, Tenor and Alto Saxophone, Grade 3/4)

Pease Pudding (Treble Recorder)

Do’in Polly’s Thing - Platinum Music Medal Playalong

Free Kick (Copper Music Medal)

Farewell For A Fox (Grade 2 Alto Saxophone)

Yesterday (Beatles)

Little John (Copper Music Medal)

Waves and Caves

Saxophone Solo Challenge - Day 5; Jubel

You’ve Got A Friend In Me (from Toy Story)

Vivace (Grade 2 Flute)

Saxophone Solo Challenge (Day 2)

Amazing Arpeggios!

Saxophone Solo Challenge: Day 3

On The Ball by James Rae (Alto Saxophone Grade 1)

Silver Riddle (ABRSM Grade 2 Flute)

The Sandman (ABRSM Grade 1 Alto Saxophone Piece)

Cradle Song (Grade 1 Flute Piece)

We'll Meet Again

Sundown by James Rae (ABRSM Grade 1 Clarinet)

Loch Lomond - Grade 2 Flute

Improvisation Challenge (Day 5)

Swinging Circles (Grade 1 Alto Saxophone)

Let It Go!

Grade 1 Flute Pieces

Lean On Me - Follow Up Learning; Phrase Structure (Clarinet)

Mr Blue Sky (Saxophone Quartet)

Daisy Bell - Grade 1 Clarinet Solo

Improvisation Challenge: Day 1 (Alto Saxophone)

Matilda’s Wedding (Silver Music Medal Piece)

Changing from C to D (Flute)

Clarinet Arpeggios

Jess Gillam Scratch Orchestra - Flute

Flinstones (Flute Duet)

Twinkle Twinkle (Clarinet)

Clarinet Warm-up (Hot Cross Buns)

Merrily We Roll Along - Two Part Play-along (Clarinet)

Playing 'Low B' on Clarinet

Lightly Row - Two Part Play-along (Clarinet)

Fife Demo

Descant Recorder Warm-up

Someone To Watch Over Me (Woodwind Quartet)

Flute and Clarinet Hygiene Advice

How To Make A Sound On The Flute

Flute Sound Production Troubleshooting (Part 2)

Twinkle Twinkle (Flute Quartet)

Boogie Shoes

Tonguing Technique - Reeded Instruments

Pease Pudding Hot (Descant Recorder and Chalameau)

The Boom Town Cats (Silver Flute Music Medal Ensemble Piece)

Hornpipe (Bassoon and Piccolo)

Double This, Double That (Treble Recorder)

Rock Today (Recorder)

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

Waves and Caves

How To Change Your Reed

Bad Hair Day (Copper Music Medal)

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Beauty and the Beast

Can Can (Grade 2 Flute)

Saxophone Solo Challenge; Day 4

Jazz Music for Beatles (ABRSM Grade 1 Alto Saxophone)

Jazz Waltz Blues (ABRSM Grade 2 Flute)

Troika (ABRSM Grade 2 Flute)

Saxophone Solo Challenge (Day 2)

Saxophone Solo Challenge (Day 1)

Snow Walk by James Rae (ABRSM Grade 1 Flute Piece)

Eckington Stomp by Martin Yates (Grade 1 Clarinet)

Soldier, Soldier (Grade 2 Flute Piece)

Lazy Sunday - Grade 1 Flute Piece

Masterclass: Grade 2 Flute

Sweet Nightingale (Grade 1 Alto Saxophone Piece)

Improvisation Challenge (Day 4)

Lean On Me (Clarinet)

Improvisation Challenge: Day 3 (Alto Saxophone)

Improvisation Challenge: Day 2 (Alto Saxophone)

watermelon man screenshot.JPG

Improvisation Challenge Notation (Alto Saxophone)

This Old Man - He Played Swing! (Silver Music Medals Piece)

Clarinet Scales

When I’m Sixty Four (Recorder Quarter)

Jazz Saxophone Quartet

Frere Jacques (Clarinet)

Clarinet Warm-up (Little fingers)

Flute Scales: Slurring

Flute Articulation: Slurring

unit 6 clart book.JPG

Clarinet Tutor Book (Unit 6)

Tin Whistle Demo

Native American Flute Demo

Treble Recorder Warm-up

Daisy Chain (Music Medals Copper Ensemble Piece)

Learn the 'D Blues Scale (Alto Saxophone)

Flute Sound Production Troubleshooting (Part 1)

Question and Answer Rhythm Games

Flute Articulation Support (Part 1)

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