Resources and Videos for Music Theory

The Circle Of Fifths

Harmonic Minor Scales

Intervals  Worksheet Part 2 Screenshot.j

Intervals Worksheet (Part 2)

Tones and Semitones Downloadable Screens

Tones and Semitones

Order of Sharps and Flats Screenshot.jpg

Key Signatures - Order of Sharps/Flats

Harmonic Minor Scales Worksheet Screensh

Harmonic Minor Scales (Worksheet)

Intervals (Part 1)

Tones and Semitones

note value games.JPG

Note Values Games

Melodic Minor Scales

Intervals  Worksheet Part 3 Screenshot.j

Intervals Worksheet (Part 3)

ABRSM Theory Screenshot.JPG

ABRSM Theory Practice Papers

Circles of fifths Printable Screenshot.j

The Circle of Fifths (Downloadable)

Melodic Minor Scales Worksheet Screensho

Melodic Minor Scales (Worksheet)

Intervals  Worksheet Part 1 screen shot.

Intervals Worksheet (Part 1)

Key Signatures

sharps fats.JPG

Sharps, Flats and Naturals Games

Intervals (Part 3)

Intervals (Part 2)

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