Resources and Videos for Music Theory

Degrees Of The Scale Screenshot.JPG

Degrees of the Scale

Transposition B flat instruments.JPG

Transposition (Bb Instruments)

Time Signatures Quiz (Part 2)

Naming Chords Screenshot.JPG

Naming Chords

tonic triad chords screenshot.JPG

Tonic Triad Chords

musical ornaments screenshot.JPG

Musical Ornaments

Transposition F instruments.JPG

Transposition (F Instruments)

Transposition A instruments.JPG

Transposition (A Instruments)

Note Values Quiz

Time Signatures Quiz

Clefs Quiz

Simple Time/Compound Time Quiz

Orchestral Instruments Quiz

Key Signatures Quiz

Ornaments Quiz

ABRSM Grade 1 Tonic Triads

ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Online Exam - Part 1; Rhythm

ABRSM Grade 2 Tonic Triads

ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Online Exam - Part 2; Pitch

ABRSM Grade 3 Tonic Triads

ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Online Exam - Part 3; Keys and Scales

ABRSM Grade 4 Triads/Chords

ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Online Exam - Part 4; Intervals

Hello Music Theory (Online Resources)

Online Exam Prep.JPG

ABRSM Exam Preparation Resources

Music Theory Quiz.JPG

ABRSM Terms and Signs Quiz

Triads (Different Degrees of the Scale)

Grade 1 Performance Directions.JPG

Grade 1 Performance Directions

Grade 2 Performance Directions.JPG

Grade 2 Performance Directions

Grade 3 Performance Directions.JPG

Grade 3 Performance Directions

Grade 4 Performance Directions.JPG

Grade 4 Performance Directions

Grade 5 Performance Directions.JPG

Grade 5 Performance Directions

Note values screenshot.JPG

Note Values

Time signnatures screenshot.JPG

Time Signatures

Simple Time Screenshot.JPG

Simple Time/

 Compound Time

cadences screenshot.JPG


Intervals (Part 1)

Intervals (Part 2)

Intervals (Part 3)

Harmonic Minor Scales

Melodic Minor Scales

The Circle Of Fifths

Intervals  Worksheet Part 1 screen shot.

Intervals Worksheet (Part 1)

treble clef.JPG

The Treble Clef

minor triads screenshot.JPG

Minor Tonic Triads

Intervals  Worksheet Part 2 Screenshot.j

Intervals Worksheet (Part 2)

Intervals  Worksheet Part 3 Screenshot.j

Intervals Worksheet (Part 3)

intervals part 4.JPG

Intervals (Part 4)

bass clef screenshot.JPG

The Bass Clef

middle C.JPG

Middle C

Order of Sharps and Flats Screenshot.jpg

Key Signatures

 (Order of Sharps/Flats)

Circles of fifths Printable Screenshot.j

The Circle of Fifths (Downloadable)

Harmonic Minor Scales Worksheet Screensh

Harmonic Minor

Scales (Worksheet)

Tones and Semitones Downloadable Screens

Tones and Semitones

Melodic Minor Scales Worksheet Screensho

Melodic Minor

Scales (Worksheet)

Tones and Semitones

note value games.JPG

Note Values Games

Key Signatures

sharps fats.JPG

Sharps, Flats and Naturals Games