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School Music Development Plan


The power of music to change lives - A National Plan for Music Education explains that all schools should produce a Music Development Plan in a form that works for them.

The plan should set out how the school will deliver a high-quality music provision for all pupils through curriculum music, co-curricular music and enrichment.

The plan should capture how these activities are staffed and funded and will help to show parents and children what they can expect from music education in schoolThe plan will help schools to articulate their vision for delivering high-quality music education and supporting pupils to progress.



















These case studies may be useful to schools as a starting point when looking at the process of creating a Music Development Plan.

We have created a template to help schools to develop their Music Development Plan. This is a suggested format and can be amended to meet the needs of individual schools.

If your school would like further support with your Music Development plan, please email

NPME 2 Key Features of High Quality School Music Provision.jpg
SMDP Template Image.JPG
SMDP Template Image.JPG

SMDP Template
(MS Word)

SMDP Template

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