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Why choose us?

High quality music service offer

Options for individuals, groups, schools, and the wider community

Tuition on a wide range of instruments

Tuition for singers and those wishing to develop vocal ability

Access to a wide range of musical activities, including ensembles, workshops and masterclasses

Instrument hire at reasonable rates

Fully DBS checked and highly qualified tutors

Regular performance management 

Diligent and organised approach to ensure that all teaching is high quality

Brass Lessons

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Barnsley Music Service:

Practice Diary

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Barnsley Music Service:

Pupil Handbook

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Support for Schools

Key Stage 2 Whole Class

One of Barnsley Music Hub’s key objectives is to provide whole class ensemble tuition projects (WCET) for KS2 classes, where children can learn to play a variety of instruments alongside their entire class in school. These projects are primarily delivered by the hub’s lead organisation Barnsley Music Service. Schools are loaned instruments for these projects, and are given the opportunity to take part in a celebration performance in a professional venue at the end of the year.

Key Stage 1 Musicianship

KS1 projects offer full classes of pupils the opportunity to develop key musical skills for the future. They primarily use the voice, but also descant recorder and/or classroom percussion. These projects embrace the Kodaly approach and philosophy of music teaching through a methodical, systemic approach promoting good general musicianship and skills.

Group/Individual Music Lessons

The hub offers music lessons to small groups and individuals seeking to learn an instrument. If you have children in your school who would like to explore this further, we would recommend that you direct them to the ‘What do you want to learn?’ page of this website. This has been designed for the children themselves to explore what type of instrument they might wish to learn.

CPD opportunities / Schools’ Music Education Plan (SMEP)

To supplement the specialist teaching that we offer, the hub delivers CPD sessions to enhance the skills of your own staff. Our CPD sessions are designed to build confidence in teaching staff who may not have a formal musical background.

Our Schools' Music Education Plan (SMEP) offers bespoke support to schools to aid development of curricular and extra curricular provision.

Schools can book an online meeting by emailing

Singing Strategy

Click the images below to view the relevant Singing Strategy for either KS1 or KS2.

Barnsley Music Hub Key Stage 1 Singing Strategy Front Cover Image

KS1 Strategy Doc

Barnsley Music Hub Key Stage 2 Singing Strategy Front Cover Image

KS2 Strategy Doc

Singing Strategy Support Pack


Barnsley Youth Choir: Free KS2 Singing Workshops

Support Documents

model music curic.JPG

Model Music Curriculum (DfE)

National Curriculum Music KS1 & 2 COVER IMAGE

National Curriculum Music KS1 & 2

Naitonal Curriculum KS3 Cover Image

National Curriculum Music KS3

Barnsley Music Education Hub Quality Assurance Framework COVER IMAGE

BMEH Quality Assurance Framework

Music Mark 10 Things Schools Should Know Document Front Cover Image

Music Mark - 

10 Things Schools Should Know About Learning Music

National Plan for Music Education COVER IMAGE

National Plan for Music Education

Music and Mindfulness Flashcards