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Resources and Videos for Saxophone Players

Farewell For A Fox (Grade 2 Alto Saxophone)

Waves and Caves

Saxophone Solo Challenge - Day 5; Jubel

Saxophone Solo Challenge; Day 4

Saxophone Solo Challenge: Day 3

Saxophone Solo Challenge (Day 2)

Saxophone Solo Challenge (Day 1)

On The Ball by James Rae (Alto Saxophone Grade 1)

Jazz Music for Beatles (ABRSM Grade 1 Alto Saxophone)

Swinging Circles (Grade 1 Alto Saxophone)

Sweet Nightingale (Grade 1 Alto Saxophone Piece)

The Sandman (ABRSM Grade 1 Alto Saxophone Piece)

Mr Blue Sky (Saxophone Quartet)

Improvisation Challenge (Day 5)

Improvisation Challenge (Day 4)

Improvisation Challenge: Day 3 (Alto Saxophone)

Improvisation Challenge: Day 2 (Alto Saxophone)

Improvisation Challenge: Day 1 (Alto Saxophone)

Jazz Saxophone Quartet

Someone To Watch Over Me (Woodwind Quartet)

watermelon man screenshot.JPG

Improvisation Challenge Notation (Alto Saxophone)

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Learn the 'D Blues Scale (Alto Saxophone)

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